How to prolong the life of your trimmer line

Prolonging the life of your trimmer line

We are pretty proud of our range of trimmer lines here at Mowermerch. We stock Trailblazer trimmer lines and Diamond edge trimmer lines, you can find them here:

A very common question we get here at Mowermerch would be how to make our trimmer lines last longer. Especially here in Australia where the sun can be painful and the air can be really dry.

Trimmer lines can dry out and get brittle. The last thing we want when we are using our grass trimmer is to find the trimmer line breaking apart and flying all over the place. Or having to bump our trimmer heads multiple times while edging. This helps us finish the job faster and use less trimmer line which basically means more cash in the bank.

So what do you do to make your trimmer lines last longer? Soak your trimmer line in water.

Grab a bucket of water and soak the whole spool of trimmer line in the bucket for 3 to 4 days. This stops it from drying out. 

A very simple, very effective and almost free method of prolonging your trimmer line!