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What are grassflaps?

GrassFlap is the only all-mechanical foot operated OCDC that completely clears the edge of a mower deck when in the open position. When it is closed, GrassFlap adds only ¾ inch (2 cm.) to the width of the mower deck. The GrassFlap attachment has been developed through years of actual use in the field. The design makes it incredibly easy to operate. Rugged construction makes it tough. As a mowing professional, you will appreciate how easy it is to operate and how much simpler it makes mowing in restricted areas.

Most discharge chute blockers operate with a hand lever, which can get in the way. Lever operated blockers accumulate debris and become difficult to operate, which means you use it less and less. GrassFlap’s clean design is based on a pivoting motion, so there’s no slide to get jammed. The mechanical cable connects the pedal to the flap—this lets you find the position of the blocker plate with the feel of your foot. GrassFlap makes it very easy for you to control and feather the discharge of lawn clippings.

There’s no question that when it comes to an OCDC promising reliability, durability, ease-of-use, and greater mowing efficiency, the foot-operated GrassFlap is the obvious First Choice!

works with all top mower brands

We stock grassflaps for all popular mower brands in australia. If you are looking for a chute blocker for your mower, click on the "Find my Grass Flap" tab, select your mower, and the correct grassflap for your mower will show.

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